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Are you planning a catering event? When you are preparing an event, there are many points that you need to look after to make certain both you and also your guests take pleasure in the occasion.

We understand how much pressure any type of event or special occasion can place on you. It does not matter if you are planning a wedding celebration or a corporate company day. Whatever it is you are intending, it is very important to get it right from the start.

This is where we come in. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will certainly see to it your event or special day go smoothly and also without any problems. From start to finish, you and your guests will certainly be taken care of by our seasoned group of professional food caterers.

Unlike several other event catering companies, we do not mind if your special celebration is large or small, business or personal. Size does not matter to us. We are much more interested in the quality of service than with the size of your event. Our team is happy to cater for small groups along with an event with a hundred visitors.

This is what makes our team one-of-a-kind. We can help you with anything from a corporate morning breakfast solution to a wedding celebration.

What you should look for when

Choosing Your Catering Service

If this is your very first time you are organizing a catering event, it may assist you to recongnize that there are a couple of simple guidelines you ought to follow.

First off, you require to ensure that the catering company you are considering having can provide you with delicious food. We are so confident we can do just that we call it our food culinary memories.

Before you select any catering service or company, it is crucial that you taste the food. We are greater than delighted to provide you with a tasting food selection to ensure that we meet with your expectations.

Catering Tampa Florida is about both food and also service. That is something that some catering companies lose sight of when it pertains to a special event. We never ever do that. We care as passionately regarding our service delivery as the food we serve up. To us, the two work together.

The variety of services is an additional important indicate to take into consideration. Does the catering service you are about to contract offer specialized foods to satisfy everyone's taste buds? As an example, among your guests some may have special dietary needs such as gluten intolerance or simply do not eat particular foods. Many adhere to a plant-based diet regimen or do not eat specific meats for various other factors. We will take the worry out of the circumstance and also assist you with every one of your customized needs when it concerns food choices.

Some catering companies concentrate on certain events. We do not believe in doing that whatsoever. Actually, our company believes it is our adaptability that makes us such a winning team. To us, delivering the perfect breakfast service is as essential as catering for a wedding celebration or girls' lunch service.

Should You

Consider Hiring Us?

We believe so!

So far, our expert catering group has catered for both individual and corporate events and also special celebrations. We are more than satisfied to create any kind of catering package that you are seeking.

Perhaps you are planning a corporate event. In that instance, we can begin by providing you with the perfect company breakfast. We offer both cold and hot selections, and also we will see to it that any kind of unique requests are taken care of efficiently.

Among the guests may require a special diet plan as a result of a health issue. As we develop such a range of meals, we can handle low-fat and also various other breakfast options along with serving up the ordinary American breakfast experience.

If it is an entire day event, you most likely do not want to serve your business associates breakfast only. We can offer a diverse lunch menu both in a buffet style or we can serve a choice of selected meals at the table for a sit-down lunch.

It goes without saying, we will certainly assist you to make the ideal food selection choices from our fantastic series of dishes and also yummy treats.


The majority of couples do like to call in a catering service to make the most of their special day.

For a number of years now, we have actually been offering wedding catering services in Florida. As caters, we understand how essential it is to assist you to plan your wedding food selection. When it involves wedding catering, we can help you with a complete buffet service to a sit-down dinner for all of the guests.

Several wedding events currently last for a longer period of time, and also you may intend to treat your guests to both a dinner service after the ceremony as well as a hot and cold buffet at night.

As far as the wedding cake is concerned, we can help you out there as well. There is no requirement to purchase your cake from an outdoors facility. We can set up the perfect cake to complete your celebration.


A company might ask us to give a breakfast catering service for a company meeting. At some point, when they have a lot more experience of working together with us, they will certainly acquire additional services such as lunch catering.

Breakfast catering as well as lunch catering are not just for our corporate clients. We can additionally assist you to put together the perfect wedding breakfast or lunch in the privacy of your very own home. In fact, a completely catered lunch in your very own residence is a fantastic means to get together.


We provide full service corporate catering to companies and their staff members in the Tampa area. We supply every little thing for extraordinary corporate occasions with free delivery to your location.

When you're searching for corporate catering companies in Tampa, consider us. We supply delicious breakfast and lunch alternatives for your corporate celebrations as well as company meetings.

We can produce conventional or special platters, trays as well as boxed lunches from deli to Mediterranean / Cuban / Italian / BBQ buffets. Tampa Florida catering services have a straightforward philosophy develop food that looks and tastes wonderful. We make use of just the finest quality, fresh components skillfully prepared in presentations that attract both the eye as well as combination.

Breakfast & Lunch Meetings, Company Functions, Corporate Events, Birthday Celebrations, Unique Occasions and also More ...

Casually sophisticated setting for any event.

So Where

Do We Start?

When it pertains to giving the utmost catering service as well as seeing to it has lots of taste sensations, we will certainly speak to you through every one of the options. Our professional catering team will take all things right into consideration and also see to it that you are part of the decision-making process right from the beginning.

We will certainly not make any type of decisions for you. Our purpose is always to guide you in the right direction and help you make the right selections on your own and your guests.

Making the appropriate catering selections is important no matter what sort of catering occasion you are intending.

We pride ourselves on our individual service as well as we understand that you are going to appreciate all of the culinary memories that we will develop together. So, allow your imagination run wild for a moment. After that pick up the phone as well and call us to begin the best catering plan for your event or special day.

We eagerly anticipate learning through you, as well as just like you, everyone at Catering Tampa in Florida, can't wait to get started.

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